Business Model

Our Goal

Strenghten our leadership in the airline industry globally by seizing opportunities in the Russian and international air transportation markets

Our Mission

We work to ensure thet our customers can quickly and comfortably travel great distances, and thus be mobile, meet more often, work successfully and see the world in all its diversity

Oil refineries and fuel suppliers
Banks and lessors
Airports, infrastructure and ground handling and maintenance providers
MRO providers
Research and educational institutions
Service providers
Aircraft leasing Equity
IT system and patents
41.3 thousand employees
Fuel, power, water
Fleet: 359 aircraft (98% leased) Rights, designations, slots at airports
Other assets: Aeromar, A-Technics, Aviation School, training platform, medical centre, airport hotel
Social and reputational
Leader in the Russian air transportation market In the Top 20 of global airline groups Member of the SkyTeam Alliance Member of IATA and other industry associations
2019 Performance
RUB 677.9 billion Revenue
RUB 168.9 billion EBITDA
RUB 2.9 billion Dividends
RUB 5.5% Growth of average fleet size
RUB 14.7 Average weekly frequency +4.7%
Website upgrade, value-added services sale features
36.0 thousand
training programme attendees
Leaner resource consumption
supported by modern, fuel-efficient fleet
Strong brands
Contribution to ease of travel across regions
to 60
Russian cities from Moscow in the Group’s route network
Contridution to the society
Contridution to the country’s economic growth and development
Creating a reliable transportation infrastructure
Driving innovation and cutting-edge technology in transportation
Providing equal oppotunities and working conditions, support of employee development
Support of sustainable consumption and lower environmental footprint
Support of economic development of regions and reducing inequality
Russian and global economy development
Commodity market: crude oil
Global and local trends of the air transportation market
Financial market: interest rates and exchange rate
Industry and cross-industry competition
Industry regulation
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