Customer Service Development

Aeroflot won a number of prestigious global award s in customer service in 2019. The Company’s success in maintaining international recognition stems from its continuous efforts to improve the quality of passenger services and consistently high level of compliance with passenger service standards.

The Company works with international consulting companies and partners to monitor passenger service standards and measure customer satisfaction with the services of the Group’s airlines on a regular basis. Aeroflot airline’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) grew to 73% in 2019, according to Bain & Company.

A mystery passenger audit demonstrated growth of the average level of compliance across the Company by 4.2% year-on-year to 93.8% in 2019, with positive trends in the level of compliance with the service standards observed across all key customer service areas.

Customer satisfaction is also measured on a regular basis as part of joint projects, including IATA’s Airs@t survey in the European market and under a wider joint SkyTeam Customer Experience Research project covering all member airlines.

A mystery passenger audit demonstrated growth of the average level of compliance across the Company by 4.2% year-on-year to 93.8% in 2019, with positive trends in the level of compliance with the service standards observed in all key customer service areas.

Aeroflot Group’s initiatives to improve customer service extend throughout the passenger service chain and are aimed at promoting product competitiveness, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Aeroflot airline’s NPS performance (%)

How NPS is measured

From selecting and booking air tickets…
  • Aeroflot airline’s website became easier to use with more user-friendly navigation
  • Boarding passes can be printed in the language of the passenger’s passport. Details of visa documents/documents confirming eligibility for visa-free travel can be submitted online
  • Through check-in available from the website
  • Baggage-free fares available from the mobile app and the website
  • The Android app has been integrated with the mobile wallet app to keep the itinerary, boarding passes and other information
  • More payment options made available on the website and in the mobile app

… to comfortable experience at the airport …
  • An interactive map of Sheremetyevo airport with indoor navigation is now available in the mobile app
  • SkyPriority lounge offers more premium experience
  • SkyPriority service implemented in a number of Aurora airline’s airports

… and on board
  • A total of 71 Aeroflot airline’s A320 aircraft have been equipped with a media streaming in-flight entertainment system that passengers can use with their own mobile devices
  • Business class food menu has been expanded, Economy class tableware design refreshed, the number of flights where wine is offered on board increased
  • Aeroflot introduced travel kits for infants (age up to 2 years)
  • Rossiya airline introduced new Business class amenity kits for flights longer than six hours, as well as new activity packs for kids
  • Circulation of non-Russian-language press and in-flight magazines has been increased
  • Aeroflot increased content offering for the visually impaired, Aurora provides Braille safety cards and offers shoulder belts for passengers with disabilities

Any time when a passenger needs attention
Over 96%1 of customers who called Aeroflot airline’s contact centre during 2019 gave the highest scores for our customer service 4 and 5 points on a 5-point scale.
  • Aeroflot’s contact centre implemented more convenient IVR payment service
  • Faster handling of highly emotional customers’ complaints has been implemented
  • Aeroflot customers can use the website to request a call back from the contact centre. Customers can now also receive a call back following the airline’s investigation triggered by their low satisfaction rating responses
  • Flight cancellation and delay notifications have been improved in content and clarity
  • SkyTeam Elite and Elite+ members have a priority in being put through to a call centre operator

1. According to a customer satisfaction survey (CSAT).

Aeroflot Kids Travel Kits

Aeroflot Bonus

The Aeroflot Bonus frequent flyer programme is one of the key competitive advantages of Aeroflot airline and the subsidiaries under its commercial management. Its membership almost doubled over the past five years and reached 9.8 million members in 2019.

  • The biggest loyalty programme in Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Active growth in coveragе: number of members doubled over five years
  • High programme penetration
  • A total of 9.8 million members, including 280 thousand elite level members (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • Financial performance: the programme generates significant additional revenue for Aeroflot Group

The Company continues to make the programme more attractive by expanding ways to earn and redeem miles. The Light Awards promotion was held monthly during 2019, whereby passengers could purchase award tickets with fewer bonus miles for certain Aeroflot routes. The Make It in 72 Hours campaign was run, offering items from the Reward Catalogue with an up to 50% discount, as well as the 360,000 Extra Miles campaign to incentivise earning miles with programme partners, with over 24 thousand people registered to participate.

There is an ongoing effort to broaden cooperation with programme partners. A promo campaign with Alfa Bank was held in 2019 to promote Aeroflot World Mastercard Black Edition debit card, with an opportunity to win a round-the-world trip and five RUB 100,000 certificates. An Aeroflot-Citibank Visa Infinite co-branded credit card was also launched in 2019.

Aeroflot Bonus was joined by 32 new partners in 2019. The total number of partners was 185 at the end of 2019, including 20 airlines.

Two-factor authentication has been implemented for member personal accounts, providing stronger personal data security through an additional authentication step. Aeroflot’s system has been made aware of the user’s membership level in each SkyTeam member’s frequent flyer programmes, which helps display actual member status more accurately and prevent fraud with elite level membership.

Aeroflot Bonus partners, 2019


Hotels and aggregators


Online retail


Health and beauty




Restaurants and food retail


Appliance and electronics


Car rental and transfer





Aeroflot Bonus members, million

Marketing strategy implementation

Aeroflot’s 2019 marketing activities were primarily aimed at increasing passenger traffic, promoting global brand recognition and maintaining demand for Europe–Asia transfer flights.

Aeroflot Group’s Strategy 2023 was updated in 2019 to accommodate the ambitious plans of ramping up passenger traffic both domestically and internationally. A market segmentation exercise was carried out based on a large-scale survey of about 10 thousand passengers in Russia as well as in a number of key European and Asian countries, with six unique segments identified and priorities allocated between the Group’s airlines. Detailed strategies were developed for each carrier and each macro market.

A landmark event of 2019 was the update of Aeroflot airline’s creative concept. The new concept incorporates modern global trends while preserving the brand’s DNA, thus maintaining consistency of Aeroflot’s marketing communications.

Another hallmark event was the preparation to introduce to Aeroflot’s fleet the new Airbus A350-900 aircraft. The new aircraft received a distinctive new livery inspired by the unique features of its design.

In 2019, Aeroflot acted as the official carrier of high-profile business forums such as the Russian Investment Forum, Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, the International Arctic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum, and took part in the 13th Transport of Russia International Forum and Exhibition as the Aviation Partner.

The Russia Surprises contest was held on Instagram with the support of prominent influencers to promote Russia’s tourism potential and stimulate domestic passenger traffic.

In international markets, Aeroflot ran advertising campaigns with major agents. A contract was signed in China with VFS Global, a global Schengen visa agent for Chinese nationals, that includes display of branded content at their corporate website, vfsglobal.com, and in the entrance lobbies of their visa centres in the country’s largest cities.

Aeroflot once again participated the Circle of Light Moscow International Festival held under the auspices of the Moscow Government, an event that receives broad media coverage.

Keeping pace with the global industry leaders, Aeroflot actively leverages Big Data technology. The number of unique customer profiles identified based on unstructured data analysis grew by 13% year-on-year. Leveraging unique customer profiles in designing targeted advertising based the state of the art in Big Data is a competitive advantage of the Company. Fragmented data analysis helped build analytical models describing the customer universe and develop principles and techniques of processing traveller data to come up with unique customer profiles and thus be able to make personalised offers to passengers.

A new recommendation engine for next flight destinations was developed and implemented based on the frequency distribution of a customer’s past flights by geographic areas. The feature helps increase offer relevance, driving potential customer communications efficiency.In 2019, Aeroflot deployed IBM Campaign, a leading marketing communications solution. The system orchestrates customer-specific personalised communications based on the past communications history and customer preferences. The system maintains logically connected communications chains with each customer, improving both the frequency and the quality of interactions and ultimately driving additional revenue leveraging Big Data solutions.

Aeroflot was ranked the strongest airline brand globally by Brand Finance for the third year in a row. According to Brand Finance, the Aeroflot brand value grew by 13.2% to USD 1.7 billion in 2019. The combined value of Aeroflot Group’s brands (Aeroflot, Rossiya, Pobeda, and Aurora) grew by 6.5% to USD 2.1 billion.

Aeroflot brand value

USD 1 698 million

In August 2019, Aeroflot became the Official Airline of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 , the biggest sports event of the decade hosted by China, held in eight Chinese cities, including those covered by Aeroflot’s scheduled service – Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Aeroflot’s brand was advertised at all stadiums and venues of the championship. During the 16 days of the tournament it was followed by an unprecedented audience on television and in social media. Aeroflot’s advertising opportunities at the tournament helped promote brand awareness, overcome consumer biases in China and other priority international markets, reinforce potential customer perception of Aeroflot as an industry leader and drive transfer traffic increase.

Under the contract, Aeroflot also held rights as the Presenting Partner of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 trophy, and through that had a unique opportunity to reach out to the global audience. The trophy travelled 27 countries, attracting attention of fans from around the world. Aeroflot’s female flight attendants presented the trophy at official FIBA events in the cities covered by the airline’s route network. Before the tournament, Aeroflot’s flight attendants accompanied the trophy on a tour across the eight Chinese cities that hosted the games.

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