Social Initiative

Aeroflot Group plays an important role in the life of the whole society by helping people to travel long distances between cities and countries. By helping passengers to travel, the Group creates development opportunities for other industries and companies , including small and medium-sized enterprises.

When passengers travel on business or personal trips they become customers of hotels, road and rail transport, service, catering, retail and other sectors. Thus, by carrying 60.7 million PAX Aeroflot Group powers up a number of other industries with its large-scale activities.

Besides, Aeroflot runs a large number of social programmes supporting charities and sponsoring sports and culture initiatives. The Company actively supports vulnerable groups, first and foremost children and veterans.

Improving accessibility to Russia’s regions

Improving accessibility to Russia’s regions, including remote destinations, remains a major priority for Aeroflot as a national carrier. An extensive route network of Aeroflot and its subsidiary airlines, the flat fare programme run at the Company’s own cost, and participation in a government-sponsored programme that maintains airline passenger services between the Far East and European Russia all contribute to improved social mobility.

Aeroflot airline runs the flat fare programme that establishes fixed low prices for economy class tickets to cities in the Far East, Kaliningrad and Simferopol. Its purpose is to provide stable and affordable connections between remote and strategic regions and the central part of European Russia and to improve social mobility. The flat fares are available to all passengers regardless of age and place of residence. Rossiya airline joined the programme in 2018.

A total of 2.3 million passengers were carried under the flat fare programme by Aeroflot and Rossiya airlines in 2019 (2.2 million PAX in 2018).

Aeroflot Group also consistently participates in a government-sponsored fare programme, which applies to both Aeroflot flights and the flights of its subsidiaries Rossiya and Aurora to cities of the Far East, Simferopol and Kaliningrad.

2,3 million passengers
were carried under the flat fare programme in 2019

Support to charities and socially-oriented campaigns

The programme enables the Aeroflot Bonus programme participants to contribute their bonus miles to charity organisations: the Gift of Life charitable fund, the Life Line fund, Rusfond, and the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation. The contributed miles are used to carry children with serious health conditions to countries and cities where they can receive required treatment.

93 million bonus miles


3 068 tickets were donated to support the activities of charitable organisationsв

The Company continues supporting its sponsored orphanages: the Pokrov Orphanage in the Vladimir Region and St Sergius Boarding School in the Moscow Region.

Theme workshops, concerts with presents, sports events and excursions were arranged for children from St Sergius Boarding School. Children from the orphanage took part in an open training session with the CSKA football club and visited Acrobatic Rock ‘n’ Roll World Championship. Aeroflot airline completed a major repair of the orphanage fence and set up a video surveillance system.

For the Pokrov Orphanage children, Aeroflot organised holidays at a recreational camp and an away football friendly. The Company also set up a playground, renovated the building and its rooms, bought a minibus and New Year presents.

RUB 10 million

went towards charitable support for orphanages in 2019

Aeroflot traditionally provided free flights for veterans of the Great Patriotic War (WWII) from 3 to 12 May 2019 to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Victory Day. Over 90 thousand veterans have benefited from the campaign since its launch.

Aeroflot provides monthly food packages to its retired employees who took part in the Great Patriotic War. A total of RUB 6.8 million went towards veteran food packages in 2019.

All veterans received financial aid to mark the Victory Day. Six events were held for veterans to celebrate various dates during the year.

RUB 6.8 million

went towards veteran food packages in 2019

Aeroflot provides targeted aid to passengers and various organisations. In 2019, Aeroflot traditionally provided financial support to the Russian Geographical Society, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), and the Tarasov Golden Puck Club. The airline also provided financial support to Saint Petersburg Children’s Hospice and the Association of Polar Explorers.

Early in 2019, the Company provided free flights to Magnitogorsk and back for relatives of victims of explosion and partial collapse of a residential building.

Aeroflot and Sberbank arranged holidays at Russian Children’s Centre Orlyonok in the Krasnodar Region for children from 154 families that had been victims of a flood in the Irkutsk Region.

Aeroflot provided airline tickets at discounted rates to the participants of children dancing festival ‘Svetlana’ held annually by the charity foundation of the People’s Artist of Russia Svetlana Zakharova.

The Company also has a programme to support passengers in urgent need of travel due to extraordinary circumstances. The programme covers higher-demand domestic flights in which the least expensive economy booking classes have been sold out.


In 2019, the Company continued to sponsor both sports organisations and cultural projects. The Company spent a total of RUB 2.3 billion on sponsorship (RUB 1.8 billion in 2018).

In 2019, Aeroflot partnered and supported the following Russian sports organisations:

  • Russian Olympic Committee
  • Russian Cycling Federation
  • All-Russian Federation of Dancesport and Acrobatic Rock ’n’ Roll
  • Russian Basketball Federation
  • Russian Golf Association
  • Russian Volleyball Federation
  • Russian Table Tennis Federation
  • Rugby Union of Russia
  • Russian Boxing Federation.

Aeroflot has been the official carrier of CSKA Professional Football Club and CSKA Professional Basketball Club for many years. Thanks to the enhanced visibility of the Aeroflot brand at games played by CSKA teams, the Company has access to the clubs’ multi-million fanbase.

In 2019, in conjunction with the Russian Chess Federation, the Company held the Aeroflot OPEN international chess tournament, which, over the 17 years of its existence, has gained immense popularity among chess players all over the world. Also, Aeroflot provided support to Otradnoe show jumping club, which hosted a Show Jumping World Cup stage. The Company also supported the Russian Volleyball Federation, the Russian Table Tennis Federation, the Rugby Union of Russia, the Russian Golf Association, the Russian Boxing Federation, the Russian Cycling Federation, and the All-Russian Federation of Dancesport and Acrobatic Rock ’n’ Roll.

In the global market, Aeroflot airline is raising its recognition and positioning itself as a premium carrier through its partnership with Manchester United FC.

PJSC Aeroflot’s sponsorship programme expenses in 2019, %

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